EASYPANEL - The lightweight concrete technology is highly efficient construction product and system which delivers unbeatable VALUE to the building sector. f1 Dubai Civil Defense Approved Collaboration with CEMEX Compliant with Local & International Standards Beach House.jpg f2 It has been developed to help developers, builders and consultants meet the needs of today’s fast-paced construction requirements. It accelerates the building assembly schedule and reduces installation/finishing expenses - a solid product, competitively priced. Simply put, it is the smart engineering and business solution for exterior walls and interior partitions.
Consistent High Quality Finish Lightweight & Easy to Handle Simple Construction and Assembly method Flexible Surface Finishing Fire Resistant for 2 hours + Superior Thermal Insulation Superior Noise Reduction Ease of cutting and shaping Easy installation of electric and sanitary extensions “T” and "C" “Corner” sections for quick and accurate corner finishing
EasyPanel is a sandwich wall panel made of cement boards on the exterior. The interior composite core material is a system of lightweight concrete mix made from ordinary Portland cement, additives, lightweight aggregates, admixtures and Expanded Polystyrene. This combination of material delivers rigidity, strength and the insulation factor needed. It also provides flexibility for the customer in the use of the wall to meet many requirements. The presence of lightweight aggregates, air entrainers and EPS acts as an insulator and provides Easy Panel with green building material characteristics. fff The panels are available in thicknesses of 75, 100, 120, 150 and 200 mm, and are available in heights of 2.44 and 3.0 meters, and feature a tongue and groove profile. When the panels are erected, tongue and groove fit together to form a precise fit. The result is a high quality wall ready for finishing in a fraction of the time taken by conventional methods. Electrical conduits can be embedded inside the walls, and the system offers a practical solution for plumbing and other facility management requirements. Doors and windows can be installed quite simply. In addition, a special lightweight 40mm panel with a wire mesh insert is available for partitions and cladding to existing structures. In order to speed the assembly process and reduce manpower requirements the panels are manufactured in 610 mm wide sections to enable easy handling. The reduction of manpower and significantly faster assembly are key elements of the value propostion of the EASYPANEL WALL SYSTEM.
The advanced technology and engineering that has been applied to develop the EASY PANEL WALL SYSTEM makes it suitable for the construction of most types of unit. It is the ideal solution for the assembly of partition walls in single- and multi-story buildings. The EASYPANEL system offers clear advantages to the client, developer and contractor: Fast Assembly (Time Saving) Easy Assembly (Less Labor) Competitive Pricing (Cost Saving) Simple Finishing by Eliminating Plastering (Cost Saving in Finishing Expenses) Application1_0.jpg ff The combined savings in the material cost along with the savings in time and labor expenses delivers a clear advantage to the client. An added benefit is the much lighter weight of EASYPANEL which often results in less structural re-enforcement being required for the building. Homes & Buildings Large-scale residential development projects Homes Apartment buildings Schools Offices Hotels Clinics Commercial Buildings Industrial Buildings Retail Facilities Partitions ff3 EASYPANEL is the ideal solution for the assembly of partition walls in single- or multi-story buildings. Easy to install, EASYPANEL sections can be quickly erected and finished to ensure speedy turnaround. Application3_0.jpg ff2 Warehouses / Industrial buildings The EASYPANEL system can be used as cladding in certain applications, such as warehouses and industrial areas. Compared with conventional concrete block or pre-cast wall systems, the EASYPANEL offers much quicker assembly of a rigid wall system at a competitive price. Application4.jpg
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