Seamless Roofing System

TSSC Seamless roofing is a unique roofing system where sheets are joined together using a snap lock system. The snaplock system is designed from concept to completion for strength, durability and weather ability and offers a cost-effective construction solution with numerous benefits. It allows the contractor to tailor the shape and dimensions of panels according to the buildings and create harmonious transitions between roof and facade. TSSC standing seam roofing system is used in industrial and civil buildings and complies with the latest architectural trends. Characteristics • Permanent waterproofing through penetrable installation with no transverse joints • Long life • Provides easy access • Self- Supporting and walkable • Joining using locking system • Eliminates damaging effects of thermal movement • Economical and maintenance free • Quick installation • Provides design flexibility • Resistance to wind uplift • Fire resistant
The seamless roofing system offered by TSSC uses roll formed panels that are attached to the structural substrate through a concealed method enabling its use on many applications from low pitched roofs to vertical or horizontal ribbed walling. The seamless - roofing systems can be insulated to make it energy efficient and compliant with the local markets. Reducing energy loss will not only lower running costs andCO2 emissions but will also reduce the actual cost of the building itself by scaling down the size of refrigeration and air handling plants. The standing seams are lightweight roof systems, making them equally suitable for new build and refurbishment projects. The standing seam roof system is available in several construction widths, complex shapes can be formed, including waveform curves, tapers - offering architectural appeal. The finished roof system is low maintenance and the sheet integrity and inherent weather tightness makes it suitable for long roof slopes. Roof penetrations such as skylights, access hatches and smoke vents can be incorporated without compromise to the roof system. With its essential shape, aesthetic appearance, constructive economies and outstanding technical properties, the seamless roofing system is the perfect balance between technology and appearance. The system known as the RIB-ROOF metal roofing system is manufactured by TSSC, on exclusive license from Zambelli, Germany and for 35 years has catered to the roofing systems of the European and Middle Eastern markets.
Principle1 Simply doing everything right. The clip installation system reduces the number of work steps to a minimum. This is because the profiled sheet specifies the optimum position of the fixing clip. This means that once the first row of clips is set, no further measuring and pre-assembling of every clip is necessary. Principle 2 Untitled 1 Quick and simple installation throughout. With the seamless roofing system offered by TSSC there is no need for time-intensive measuring of the fixing clip positions. Apart from this, there is another key difference that sets this system apart from other industrially prefabricated metal roofing systems;, it does not have to be mechanically zipped on the construction site. They do not require any special machinery and can be installed regardless of the prevailing temperature. A unique feature of the profiled geometry is the fact that a nonpositive connection is made using the profiled sheet. Principle 3 Everything is perfectly proportional. Ultimately, it comes down to the right measurements, at least this is the case with clip geometry. The fixing clip is adjusted to the base height of the profiled sheet. This way, any leverage on the roof membrane is prevented. Principle 4 Everything is perfectly pre-fabricated. The profiled sheets are connected by their geometry: A method that enables a certain amount of slippage. There is no rigid zipping. If zipping is incorrectly executed in a way that is too narrow, tensions can arise in the fixed link of the profiled sheet. In the case of RIB-ROOF’s non-positive, profiled sheet connection, when the installation work is performed, the system works to ensure that these sources of error are ruled out. Principle 5 Everything is guided into place. Depending on the application, the newly developed directional clip has a length that ranges between 20 and 150 cm. As such, it acts as a guiding rail for the profiled sheets. Especially in the case of long profiled sheets, this provides the roof membrane with added security, as the direction of the dilatation movements is specified. Principle1Untitled 1 Untitled 2(1) Untitled 3 Untitled 5
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Fall arrest System include:

1 Penetration-free fixing.  2 Intermediate Crossing Support.  3 Corner Bypass.