Stabilised Aluminum Foam

Stabilized Aluminum Foam is a closed cell aluminum foam that can be produced in flat sheets or as 3-D shapes. The properties of SAF make it valuable in automotive, transport, military and civil defense applications, while the unique appearance of the material also makes it suitable for architectural surface applications. It is produced by introducing gas bubbles into melt of metal matrix composite (MMC). The hard ceramic particles in the aluminum alloy stabilize the bubbles allowing the foam to be formed into its final shape. Some of the many advantages of SAF are listed below: • High strength and stiffness-to-weight ratio • Strain rate insensitive (the speed of loading does not affect the strength) • Notch insensitive (holes do not affect material strength) • Constant properties over time, temperature and moisture range • High mechanical energy absorption in all directions • Not flammable or susceptible to environmental degradation • Electromagnetic insulation properties • Acoustic and thermal insulation properties • Recyclable • High performance-to-price ratio Product Applications SAF panels can be utilized in: Architectural applications such as surfacing materials offering an aesthetic environment. (For further information on architectural applications please visit the Alusion™ section.) Technical Applications include: Energy absorption for vehicle crashworthiness Energy absorption for blast protection of vehicles and buildings Core for castings for improved stiffness or improved Noise, Vibration \ and Harshness (NVH) properties
Alusion™ is a cellular aluminum foam material produced as a continuously cast sheet using patented technology. It has been adapted to suit specific industry needs and various versions have been created for a broad range of architectural and design applications. Typically, Alusion™ is being used as wall, ceiling or flooring cladding in both interior and exterior applications based on its aesthetic value. Other product attributes for architectural applications include positive acoustic properties and protection against the elements. Alusion products have also been used in furniture applications such as boardroom tables and reception chairs.
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Alusion™ makes a statement as a dramatic new cladding for a feature wall or for cladding the entire exterior of a building. Its metallic luster combined with a variety of finishes, each of which offers a distinctive surface that cannot be exactly reproduced, can add a signature touch to any work of architecture. Installation Systems Various Installation Systems can be adopted such as: a) Formed and Keyed Lock channel b) Wall and Bracket System Applications Ceilings Alusion™ finishes may be used for creating designer ceilings. We can provide finished ceilings based on specific requirements. Exhibits & Signage Alusion™ has been used as walls, tabletops, and floor stands for exhibits and booths. The material can be used to construct the entire booth, actual walls of booths and display fixtures. It can be used for outdoor signage for retail stores, hotels, buildings etc.
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Smart Metal™ is effective in absorbing large amounts of energy in an efficient lightweight recyclable package. It can be engineered into a wide range of applications to provide effective blast ballistic attenuation from an assortment of present and future threats. Manufactured into lightweight dimensional panels or smaller complex castings,Smart Metal ™ can be incorporated into blast attenuating systems for military vehicles and buildings. Independent testing in the United states has confirmed that the high performance of Smart Metal ™ is attributed to its cellular composition, which reduces the transfer of blast waves to personnel or building structures. As a blast front hits SmartMetal™, the bubbles collapse, absorbing energy and attenuates the transfer of this destructive force to targeted vehicles or building structures and its occupants. Applications Potential applications for Stabilized Aluminum Foam (SAF) Smart Metal ™ in blast mitigation span civilian and military applications. Petrochemical Blast doors Enclosures Government Protection of government/embassy buildings and underground parking from explosives Military Protection of personnel and equipment including vehicles and structures